Our Story

The dairy innovation that started it all. With a deliciously icy
combo of caffeine, probiotics and protein.

A Tasty Origin Story

What began as a simple experiment became a life-consuming pursuit for our founder: combining high-quality coffee and lactose-free cultured milk into a drink that provided a boost of caffeine with the health benefits of naturally-sourced probiotics and protein. A drink that was healthful, flavorful and take-anywhereable. The result was JoeFroyo Probiotic Cold Brew – but the process led to a real dairy revolution.

A Recipe for Dairy Innovation

From a humble garage to high tech dairy labs, JoeFroyo has always been a company striving to create the most innovative dairy products we can. The beginning of our formula is always the same, though: we start with the highest quality Real California Milk®, then add naturally-occurring lactase enzymes to convert the lactose into milk sugars. Simply sweet, and easy on the stomach. This proprietary dairy base is the building block for all our delicious dairy offerings, which now includes our original probiotic cold brew, a line of ice creams, probiotic milks and creamers, and powdered dairy products. .

A Legacy of Firsts

The world’s first probiotic, high-protein cold brew. The world’s first powdered half & half. We don’t call ourselves dairy innovators for nothing! What’s next? Follow us on social media and be the first to know!

What You Can Expect From JoeFroyo Dairy Products

All JoeFroyo products are lactose free, made with Real California Milk®. We never add preservatives or extra sugars. Our products are always gluten, soy and rBST free. Often, our process produces protein and probiotic enhanced dairy. All JoeFroyo beverages are protected using high pressure processing techniques for increased safety and shelf life. Most importantly, though, we never sacrifice flashy buzzwords or technologies for actual flavor: JoeFroyo products are delicious. Your tastebuds may never be the same. You’ve been warned.