Dairy Innovation Till
The Cows Come Home

For years, dairy alternatives have been trying to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides. We think nature got it mostly right. Using our proprietary process, we start with Real California Milk®, add natural lactase enzymes to disarm that dastardly lactose, then throw in a splash of culture from live & active probiotics.The result is a naturally sweet, probiotic-packed, lactose-free dairy base that we use to create the dairy products you love – with a few more reasons to love them.

Cold-Pressed Creamery™

Probiotic Cold Brew™ | Clean Label Creamer™ | Probiotic Milk & Cream (Coming Soon)

Real Dairy, Reimagined

Cold-Pressed Creamery™ combines the quality and taste of traditional dairy with the safety and freshness of cold pressure to bring you the first line of cold-pressed dairy products. Featuring functional benefits like probiotics, high protein and the natural energy boost of caffeine, Cold-Pressed Creamery™ will change the way you think about milk.

Crema Smart™

Lactose Free Ice Cream | Powdered Lactose Free Half & Half | Powdered Lactose Free Whole Milk

Intelligent Dairy for Intelligent People

You’re smart. Your food should be too. So we created Crema Smart™ products just for you. Our line of real dairy Crema Smart™ Lactose Free Ice Creams are high in protein, low in calories and BIG on flavor. It’s everything you love about ice cream, just smarter. For real dairy creaminess on-the-go, try our Powdered Lactose Free Half & Half and Whole Milk products. The quick, easy way to enjoy the goodness of real dairy at your countertop or on a mountaintop.


When Health Freezes Over

The dairy innovation that started it all. With a deliciously icy combo of caffeine, probiotics and protein, JoeFroyo™ is the heaven-sent beverage that delivers on taste and nutrition. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, an end-of-the-week treat or a post-gym recovery drink, JoeFroyo™ is the versatile lactose free drink that’s so tasty, even a brain freeze won’t slow you down.

To Fit So Much Good Stuff into Our Products,
We Had to Leave a Few Things Out.

Sorry Not Sorry.

No lactose, no preservatives, no added sugars. No gluten, no soy, no rBST. Clean, simple and delicious.
Are you ready to join the real dairy revolution?

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